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Property Development Finance is a specialist field with many sub-categories across a wide range of lenders.
Whether you’re financing a small residential project or a large-scale commercial development – it’s essential to have the best advice possible.

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Finance is generally repaid via the sale of the proposed development.

Therefore, a borrower’s experience in property development, previous projects completed and their ability to provide pre-sales often becomes more relevant that their historic income evidence by their tax returns.
However, if you’re only building only 2-3 residential units, you may find that you need a Construction Loan rather than Property Development Finance. Property Development Finance is generally suitable for the construction of 4 or more properties.

Property Development Finance is specialised project-based lending.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with a commercial finance expert, like Brendon Cowan from Finance Broker Melbourne. We’ve got all the right relationships at all the key lenders, so we can use our industry connections to secure you a great property development finance with competitive terms.

At Finance BRoker Melbourne, we research the options that are best for you before walking you through your options.

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A Melbourne based Finance Broker with over 20 years experience, Brendon’s clientele are mostly professional and/or small business owners seeking a relationship based approach to obtaining finance.

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