Debtor finance and trade finance for your business

Is your business due to receive payments in the future but short of working capital in the present? If so, debtor finance might be the solution.

Or does your business need funds to cover a cross-border transaction? If so, trade finance might be a solution.

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Our Finance Brokers can help you with both debtor finance and trade finance.

Let’s start with debtor finance.

It can be frustrating waiting for customers to pay their invoices. Because you need that money now to pay bills of your own, cover wages or invest in assets. Debtor finance allows you to:

  • Take those future payments your customers have promised to make
  • Offer them to a lender as a form of security
  • Use that security to qualify for a loan
  • Start repaying the loan once those future payments arrive

We apply our extensive knowledge to find a solution that is right for you and guide you throughout the loan application process.

Trade finance is different.

If you’re the buyer, you might need money to pay suppliers who insist on payment in advance. If you’re the seller, you might need funds to manufacture and deliver products to customers who will only pay once they receive their order.

Our Finance Brokers can help you organise a range of trade finance solutions, including:

  • Import finance (also known as inventory finance)
  • Export finance (also known as purchase order finance)
  • Letters of credit
  • Gyms and other recreational facilities

Both debtor finance and trade finance can be complicated, with different lenders setting very different credit criteria. So it makes sense to get expert advice from an experienced Finance Broker.

Interested in trade finance or debtor finance?

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A Finance Broker with 20 years experience, Brendon Cowan’s clientele are mostly professional and/or small business owners seeking a relationship based approach to obtaining finance.


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